Dark Circles Treatment & Removal in Toronto

Dark Circles Treatment & Removal in Toronto

What Are Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes or periorbital dark circles are dark skin blemishes or skin discolorations beneath your eyelids. Dark circles are a result of skin thinning due to loss of elasticity and regenerative capabilities.

What Are The Causes Of Dark Circles?

There are several factors attributed to dark circles. These include:


Injuries, surgeries, bruising, or trauma around your eyes can lead to the formation of dark circles.


Dark circles below your eyes can be a result of a hereditary trait within your family that causes thin skin below your eyelids. In this case, dark circles appear early in childhood and might worsen with age.


Extreme fatigue, sleep deprivation, and oversleeping can cause your skin to become dull and pale leading to the formation of dark circles under your eyelids. Puffy eyes mostly accompany dark circles caused by fatigue.

Medical Conditions/ Diseases

Dark circles under your eyes can be as a result of underlying medical conditions. For example, during an allergic reaction to allergens, the body releases histamines which not only lead to reddening of skin and itchiness but also cause the dilation of blood vessels. The dilation of blood vessels under your eyelids causes dark circles. Other medical conditions that contribute to the formation of dark circles include insomnia, malnutrition, asthma, contact dermatitis, eczema, anemia, liver disease, and dehydration.


With age, your skin starts to thin due to the loss of fat and collagen. This makes the underlying blood vessels more conspicuous appearing as dark circles.

Sun Exposure

Too much exposure to the sun, especially to your eyes, leads to excess melanin production. This causes pigmentation in the skin underneath your eyelids, leading to the formation of dark circles.

Pigmentation Irregularities

Pigments irregularities mostly occur in dark-skinned people. The skin under the eyes undergoes hyperpigmentation or excessive melanin production, causing dark circles.


Apart from oversleeping and insomnia, other lifestyle factors can lead to the darkening of the skin surrounding your eyes. These include stress, medication, alcohol, and smoking.

Dark Circles Removal and Treatments Methods

The treatment method used in the removal of dark circles is different in each patient because it depends on the underlying cause. This is why it’s essential to consult with a skin care cosmetologist  before starting any treatment or removal procedures.

There are thousands of creams and home remedies out there, but most of them fail to deliver because your condition may be more complicated than you imagine. At Lumiskins, we offer you advanced and effective treatments for dark circles under your eyes. These treatments and removal procedures include:

Photorejuvenation Enlighten 1


This is the use of Intense Pulsed Light to treat darkened circles for a more youthful appearance. Photorejuvenation or photofacial stimulates the affected skin to produce collagen, healing itself over time. At Lumiskins, we utilize the best Photorejuvenation technology in dark circles treatment for optimal results.

Prp Therapy 1

PRP Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy) is the use of highly concentrated platelets to promote skin healing. When used in dark circles treatment, PRP Therapy induces self-healing of the damaged skin tissue. The platelets used are extracted from your blood through centrifugation.

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Dermalfillersbanner 1

Dermal Fillers

This is the use of hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler injections to revive and increase tissue growth under the eye. Increase in tissue volume helps to eliminate dark circles.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our skin tissue. It usually helps in growth and hydration of the skin. By supplementing it in the skin underneath your eyelids, we help increase and maintain cell regeneration for a youthful look.

At Lumiskins, we utilize dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm for best results.

Light Therapy 1

Light Therapy

Light therapy involves the utilization of blue, amber, red, or green LED light to stimulate cell regeneration by increasing collagen production. It’s non-invasive and one of the most preferred dark circles’ treatment methods at Lumiskins.

The light and the wavelength of the light used differ according to the complexion of each patient.

Benefits of Dark Circles Removal

  • Brings back a youthful look by increasing blood circulation in the skin underneath the eyelids.
  • Dark circles removal utilizes advanced technology which stimulates collagen production.
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence by removing facial flaws.

Dark Circles Treatment
Frequently Asked Questions

Dark circles treatment procedures help your skin to produce collagen and other elements that play vital roles in skin regeneration and self-healing. By doing this, your skin returns to normal eliminating dark circles.
Contact us and learn how each treatment works.

Each treatment, depending on its level of intricacy, gives a different duration of results. For example, Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers’ results last between one to three years.
Other procedures require supplemental treatments to maintain the desired look.
The duration of the results also depends on how well the patient maintains their skin after undertaking the procedure.

Each procedure has its time frame. Some are done once, while others require several visits to our clinic depending on how intense the dark circles are. For example, a dermal filler injection requires one visit to our clinic and takes about 15-30 minutes.

Contact us for a detailed report on how long each dark circles’ treatment may take.

The procedures we offer are non-invasive and cause minimal pain (dermal filler injections cause some slight pain) if any. This means that the only day you’ll be off work will be the day you visit our clinic to undergo your procedure.

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Our dark circles under eyes treatments are non-invasive and require no downtime. Therefore, you can resume your regular exercise schedule immediately after the procedure.

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