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Acne scars are as a result of scarring on the areas previously affected by acne vulgaris. It can be frustrating to fight acne vulgaris only to be left with acne scars. On the bright side, these scars can also be eliminated to restore your beautiful smooth skin.

At Lumiskins, we understand the struggle that acne scars pose as they tend to be notoriously hard to treat. We also understand the need to clear acne scars safely and effectively while improving your overall skin condition and look. This is why we utilize the most advanced laser treatment for acne scar removal in Toronto.

Acne Scar Formation

Acne scars are formed when an acne breakout, especially moderate (papules or pustules) to severe (nodules) breakout, reaches the underlying tissues of the skin, causing damage. The damage is increased when antibodies infiltrate the affected areas causing inflammation and more harm to the tissue underneath the skin. This leads to loss of or accumulation of fibrous tissue on the acne site causing scarring.

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Types Of Acne Scars

Before you undergo laser acne scar treatment, it’s good to know the type of scarring you have.  Acne scars can be categorized into two main groups, .i.e.,
  • Atrophic scars (indented) – They are caused by lack of enough collagen formation during the acne healing process.
  • Hypertrophic scars (raised) – They’re caused by excess tissue/collagen formation during healing.
These two categories can be further divided into four subcategories which include:

Atrophic Scars:

  • Ice Pick
Ice pick scars are the most difficult to treat. This is because they are narrow V-shaped holes that go deeper into the skin than other types of scarring, due to insufficient production of collagen during healing.
  • Boxcar
These types of atrophic scars are wide with oval or circular depressions that make the skin look pitted. The sides if boxcar scars are sharply angled, and the depressions can be either shallow or deep. The shallower the boxcar scars, the more they’ll respond to laser treatments.
  • Rolling
These scars are characterized by their round edges and wavy, rolling depressions that make the skin look rugged and uneven. They are formed when collagen fibers develop between the subcutaneous tissue and the skin. These fibrous bands pull the skin inwards, creating the rolling appearance of these scars.

Hypertrophic Scars:

  • Keloid
These are raised scars that are most common on the torso but can also appear on any other part of the body. Overproduction of collagen by the skin causes these scars to grow above the normal skin surface. Keloid scars, on some occasions, can continue to grow long after the affected part of the skin has healed.
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How Laser Treatment For Acne Scar Removal Works

Lasers for acne removal utilize specific high-intensity wavelengths of light. They are perfect for removing both raised and indented acne scars.

When this high-intensity light is pulsed over a target area, it breaks down the top surface of the scarring. The light also penetrates the skin stimulating the production of new, healthy cells. Blood flow on the targeted area also increases to provide essential nutrients for healthy skin.

With several laser treatments, the skin condition on the affected areas improves, and the scarring disappears with time. Laser treatments can be combined with other acne removal procedures for more ideal results.  While getting your acne removed, avail off Botox for acne that enhanced beauty.

Pre Laser Acne Scars Removal Treatment

During your first visit to Lumiskins, one of our cosmetologist examines your acne scars thoroughly and reviews your medical files. This helps our cosmetologist determine whether you qualify for laser treatments. The cosmetologist then explains what laser acne scar removal involves and answers any queries you may have.

Before the procedure, the patient should:

  • Avoid skin irritants such as perfumes before the treatment.
  • Not take anti-inflammatory medication, blood thinners, or aspirin because they increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Avoid sunbathing, waxing, or chemical peels at least two weeks before laser treatment.
  • Avoid retinol-based skincare products two weeks before the procedure.

Benefits Of Laser Acne Scars Treatment

  • Minimal to null downtime
  • It’s a non-invasive procedure
  • It restores good looks
  • Improves self-esteem
  • It can be combined with other procedures for optimal results


Laser Acne Scars Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Laser acne scar removal treatments take about 10 days for the results to start showing. The appearance of the acne scars starts to diminish gradually. Note that one should have all the required treatment sessions to attain desired results.
Yes, it does. Just like any other treatment procedures, laser acne scar removal poses some risk. However, the occurrence of these risks is minimal, considering we provide professional treatments. Some of the risks posed are as a result of not following posttreatment instructions. The risks posed include:
  • Pain
  • Crusting
  • Reddening of the skin
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Swelling

The cost of laser acne treatment is dependent on:

  • The size of the target area
  • The number of sessions required
  • Size and type of acne scars

The best way to know the cost of your treatment is by booking an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

The number of sessions needed differs depending on several factors. These include the type of acne scars being treated, the size of the target area, and your budget, among other factors.

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