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Lovely and clean space, came in for skin tag removals, everything went well, my practitioner was very attentive & informative.

- Kateryna Topol

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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is skin therapy involving injections of vitamins and minerals. This process can smooth lines, lighten acne scars, and even reduce stretch marks. Mesotherapy Vaughan provides innovative treatments, delivering transformative results for skin issues like scars and cellulite.


Additionally, it effectively addresses hair loss, enhancing overall skin health and appearance. There are several benefits of this treatment.   

Benefits of Mesotherapy in Vaughan

Mesotherapy in Vaughan is a game-changer for skin and hair health. It’s a tailored treatment that injects nutrients into the skin, sparking rejuvenation and vitality, seeking Mesotherapy near me? You have got to the right place. Mesotherapy can lead to remarkable benefits like hair restoration, where hair loss meets its match. It also tackles stubborn cellulite, smoothing skin to perfection.

Vaughan locals have this beauty secret right at their doorstep, offering a non-surgical solution to refresh and restore. From fading wrinkles to boosting collagen, Mesotherapy turns back the clock on aging, all while staying close to home. With minimal downtime, it’s the go-to for a beauty boost.   

Mesotherapy Vaughan

Mesotherapy Procedure

The Mesotherapy journey begins with a detailed consultation at our Vaughan clinic. A qualified practitioner evaluates your skin or hair concerns, discussing your goals. We’ll map out a personalized treatment plan, ensuring Mesotherapy meets your needs. This initial step sets the foundation for a successful outcome.

Next, the Mesotherapy treatment unfolds. Our skilled expert meticulously injects the right vitamins and enzymes into the targeted area. Precision and technique are key. Our Vaughan professionals use fine needles for minimal discomfort. Each session, typically taking 30 minutes, is crafted to maximize your results.


Aftercare is crucial in Mesotherapy. We provide clear guidelines to follow post-treatment, ensuring optimal recovery and results. Hydrating, avoiding strenuous activity, and protecting the skin from sun exposure is important. Our Vaughan clinic supports you every step, ensuring the longevity of your Mesotherapy benefits. Also, all of our practitioners are well-qualified and licensed.

Revitalize with Mesotherapy at Lumiskins

Mesotherapy, expertly administered at Lumiskins in Vaughan, is a versatile treatment for facial rejuvenation. It also aids in hair growth stimulation and precise body contouring. This technique refreshes the face, reducing signs of aging and adding a youthful glow. For those experiencing hair loss, it encourages regrowth, restoring confidence and self-assurance in individuals.

It’s also adept at sculpting the body, targeting stubborn fat and cellulite to refine your silhouette. Lumiskins specializes in these applications, offering personalized care for your desired Mesotherapy results. We use Mesotherapy in different ways to enhance natural beauty and wellness.


Mesotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Just like with any other procedure, Mesotherapy carries certain risks of suffering from the following side effects:
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Dark bruising
  • Risk of infection
  • Scars
  • Pain
The treatment is noninvasive as the injection only reaches up to 4mm deep in your skin. However, we provide numbing cream for our client’s comfort.
Mesotherapy treatment results can be seen a few days after the first treatment session. However, to achieve optimal and desired outcomes, several treatment sessions are required. The number of treatments varies as per the condition being treated.
The Mesotherapy treatment solution used varies as per the condition being treated. This means that the cost also varies according to your condition. Schedule a session with one of our specialists to learn more about the cost of your Mesotherapy treatment.

Unless your treatment directly affects your ability to exercise, you should be able to get back to your regular exercise the day after the procedure. However, if the site treated is sensitive, you should wait till you fully recover before getting back to your exercise schedule. This may take up to ten days.

You will also need to keep the treated areas away from sunlight for a few weeks. A Sunscreen, of SPF40+, should also be applied for a few months.

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Kateryna Topol
Kateryna Topol
Lovely and clean space, came in for skin tag removals, everything went well, my practitioner was very attentive & informative.
Liana S
Liana S
Very knowledgeable and experienced estheticians! Very happy with the results
They are very friendly and professional! Best experience
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