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Excess, stubborn fat is one of the major problems that most people face and struggle with. Excess fat results from taking more calories than our body can metabolize. Excess calories are typically converted to fat which is stored in our bellies, chins, flanks, buttocks, thighs, arms, and abdomen.

The unwanted fat can be hard to get rid of even when exercise and healthy diets are integrated into our lives. This is why at Lumiskins, we strive to provide you with advanced nonsurgical/noninvasive fat removal treatments in Toronto to safely eliminate excess fat and restore a perfect body contour.

Causes Of Fat Gain

  • Excess Food Intake

When we take more food than the body requires, the extra calories are converted to fat for storage in different parts of our bodies. It is therefore advisable that we only take the amount of calories our body can metabolize.

  • Genetics

If you’re from a family suffering from obesity or excess weight, you’ll likely end up accumulating excess fat in your body as well. This is also referred to as genetic predisposition.

  • Health Conditions

Health conditions can also play a role in excess fat gain. These include:

  • Hypothyroidism – This is when the thyroid gland is underactive leading to slow metabolism, which causes a buildup of fat in the body.
  • Preder-Willi syndrome – This is a rare mutation in which the affected persons never feel full leading to excessive intake of calories.
  • Medication

Certain medications, including corticosteroids, anti-seizure medication, and beta-blockers, are linked to fat accumulation in the body (weight gain).

  • Age

Although weight gain can occur at any age, it tends to be more common as we age. This is due to hormonal changes and reduced physical activities, which cause fat to accumulate in our bodies.

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Types Of Fat Cells

Cellulite – This is one of the most common types of fat that appears as an “orange peel” or a dimpling on thighs, arms, or buttocks. It causes spider veins, bruising, and rippling of the skin on the affected areas.

Submental fat – This is also referred to as the double chin fat. It’s difficult to get rid of even after significant weight loss.

Internal Visceral fat – This is excess fat that surrounds our internal organs. It’s linked to health problems such as type II diabetes, and heart conditions, among other problems.

Nonsurgical Fat Removal Methods

Liposuction surgery has, for many years, been the alternative for the removal of excess fat due to lack of other effective procedures. However, due to its side effects, such as saggy skin in the treated areas, it prompted the development of safe, effective, noninvasive procedures.

At Lumiskins, we provide the safest and most advanced fat removal techniques in Toronto. This ensures that you regain a well-contoured body with minimal, if any, side effects.
Our treatment options include:

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Deoxycholic Acid Injection

This is a naturally occurring substance on our digestive tract that is involved in the breakdown of fat for digestion. The use of naturally occurring substances for treatment is considered safe as there’s minimal risk of a negative reaction. Deoxycholic acid is preferred for targeted fat removal. For example, it’s mostly used to eliminate double chin fat.

Red light Therapy/ Photonic Lipolysis

Photonic Lipolysis utilizes red light to target affected areas and trigger fat reduction. Unlike most fat removal treatments, red light therapy reduces the volume of targeted fat cells instead of eliminating or destroying them. This therapy opens up fat cells to remove some of their constituents, reducing their size.

Ultrasound Treatment

This treatment technique utilizes specific sonic waves to breakdown fat cells in the targeted areas. It’s good to note that the surrounding tissue cells are not affected by this treatment.

Laser Treatment (SculpSure)

Laser treatment can also be used to eliminate unwanted fat deposits/pockets. This technique utilizes specific wavelengths to heat up, break down, and eliminate fat cells without damaging the skin and other surrounding tissues.

Radiofrequency Lipolysis (Vanquish)

This procedure applies specific radiofrequency energy to destroy excess fat cells in the problematic areas. The destroyed fat cells are then metabolized and eliminated through the lymphatic system.

To know the suitable method to eliminate your excess fat, one should book a complimentary appointment to be examined by our cosmetologists.


Benefits Of Nonsurgical Fat Removal

  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Long-lasting results
  • Some treatments also help in the treatment of skin-related issues – dual effects
  • Minimal side effects involved
  • Restores esthetic looks
  • Gradual results help patients keep the treatments discreet


Nonsurgical Fat Removal Methods Frequently Asked Questions

Areas that our treatment techniques can be used on include abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, arms, chin, and waist, to mention just a few. Our fat removal methods are safe, which allows treatment in almost all the areas where there’s excess fat. Contact us to know which method is preferred for specific target areas.
The cost of fat removal is dependent on the method being used, the size of the targeted area, and the number of sessions required. The good thing is we have special offers to minimize your treatment costs. Visit us today for more information.
Unlike liposuction which is invasive and has many side effects, our noninvasive fat removal techniques have minimal to null side effects. Some of the side effects that you may experience include mild swelling, redness, and numbing. These side effects subside after a few days.
The number of treatment sessions required varies depending on the area being treated and the treatment procedure chosen. On average;
  • Deoxycholic injection requires two to four treatments, 30 days apart
  • Ultrasound – one to three sessions, two weeks apart
  • Red light therapy requires three or more sessions spaced accordingly
Each session takes an average of one hour.
Nonsurgical fat removal methods are noninvasive but they may present minor discomfort during treatment. This is why we apply local anesthesia to the target areas to keep our clients comfortable.

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Kateryna Topol
Lovely and clean space, came in for skin tag removals, everything went well, my practitioner was very attentive & informative.
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