PRP for vaginal rejuvenation Toronto

PRP vaginal rejuvenation is a gentle yet effective treatment to stimulate the growth of healthier vaginal tissue using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This procedure has become increasingly popular with women from all walks of live who experience challenges of an intimate nature that include vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, difficulty being sexually aroused or reaching orgasm and urinary incontinence.

Thankfully, PRP vaginal rejuvenation has proven to be tremendously effective in enhancing a woman’s desire and increasing vaginal tightness and sensitivity. More and more women in Toronto are turning to PRP vaginal rejuvenation for cosmetic and medical reasons.

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What is the vaginal PRP procedure?

Through the use of advanced technology, platelet-rich-plasma has been used for various medical treatments for cosmetic purposes, cell rejuvenation and healing. The best part is that you use PRP drawn from your own blood.

Vaginal PRP is a process that involves injecting PRP into the upper wall of the vagina and clitoris. This causes stem cells to multiply and promotes the growth of new vaginal tissue. Collagen and elastin are essential proteins that give skin its elasticity. As women age, there are changes that take place inside the vagina and around the clitoris. The reduction in collagen and elastin production can lead to:

  • vaginal thinning, which reduces natural lubrication
  • vaginal dryness which causes painful intercourse
  • urinary incontinence

The human body has an incredible ability to heal and restore itself. PRP is rich in platelets and bioactive proteins. When PRP is injected into the vaginal area, growth factors in the plasma are released into the vagina and cause the vaginal wall to thicken due to the growth of new tissue.

The first step is to retrieve a small amount of blood from the patient and process it to isolate the serum and platelets which have a high concentration of growth factors and healing properties. A spinning technique is used to separate the platelets and serum from the rest of the blood. Once the growth factors have been extracted, a light sedative is used to prevent discomfort during the procedure and then the PRP is then injected into the vaginal area.

The entire process – drawing blood, processing it to obtain PRP and then injecting it into the specified area – takes approximately one hour.

Our patients love the fact that vaginal PRP treatment is a non-surgical procedure with lifechanging effects.


G spot enhancement

  • Clitoral Stimulation Enhancement – introducing stem cells to the vaginal wall and clitoris can significantly enhance a woman’s G-spot and clitoral pleasure. Many of our patients have experienced increased sensitivity and sexual desire after vaginal rejuvenation.
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence – stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the most common type of urinary incontinence in women and occurs when physical activity increases abdominal pressure and causes a leakage of urine. PRP vaginal rejuvenation can treat this condition and reinforce the vaginal wall.
  • Vaginal Tightening – childbirth coupled with the normal aging process can cause the muscles in the vaginal canal to weaken. Vaginal PRP procedure can reverse these negative effects and restore the vagina’s youthful properties.

Benefits Of PRP For Vaginal Rejuvenation

The benefits of using PRP for vaginal rejuvenation include:

  • a thicker vaginal lining and increased lubrication of the vaginal walls which enhances sexual desire and pleasure
  • tightening of the vaginal wall which contributes to increased sensitivity inside the vagina
  • effective treatment for stress urinary incontinence
  • improved appearance of the vaginal area

Your Body After Treatment

Some of the advantages our patients love about vaginal PRP rejuvenation is that the procedure is minimally invasive, can be done in approximately one hour and requires no downtime at all! This means you can walk out of the doctor’s office and go on with your day with no disruption to your daily responsibilities or sexual life.

The effects of vaginal PRP treatments are long lasting and a number of vaginal issues can be addressed after a single treatment. In fact, many of our patients notice an improvement in their sexual pleasure almost immediately.

Women who have experienced pain during sex due to vaginal dryness enjoy better and more intimate sex after undergoing vaginal rejuvenation. Over the years, vaginal PRP treatments have continued to have a positive impact on the lives of women in Toronto.

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