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PRP Therapy or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a treatment used to rejuvenate skin affected by wrinkles, birthmarks, aging, and scars. It’s also used to treat injured joints because it speeds up the healing process.

PRP consists of a high concentration of platelets obtained from the patient’s blood. This means that the process utilizes your healing system to trigger a self-healing process on any target area.

PRP Applications

Platelet-Rich Plasma features one of the best skin care regimens in the industry. This is why, at Lumiskins, we utilize the ability of the protein factors in PRP to treat hair loss and various skin conditions.

PRP treatment in  Richmond Hill can be injected on the scalp to improve the thickness of existing hair or to facilitate the growth of newly transplanted hair roots. Since PRP contains vital protein/growth factors and nutrients in high concentrations, the scalp uses them to support the growth of the transplanted hairs and to prevent further hair loss.

PRP can also be used to combat androgenic alopecia (male-pattern baldness).

  • PRP for Wrinkle Removal

Wrinkles appear as we age or prematurely due to certain factors, including exposure to sunlight and smoking, among other factors. PRP therapy can be used to restore your skins tone and smooth feel when dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. PRP triggers the skin to produce collagen, which makes the skin stronger, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful and plump look.

  • PRP and Scar Removal

If you have acne scarring or any other scars, PRP injections can be used to help remove them. PRP contains unique protein factors that trigger the formation of new healthy cells. When injected on scarred areas, new, healthy cells are produced, and with time, they cause the scars to fade away. This makes it important in restoring esthetic looks after suffering from acne or after being injured.

Dark circles under eyes are formed due to the loss of skin regenerative capabilities, and skin thinning due to weak connective tissues. PRP injections contain high amounts of growth factors capable of revitalizing the affected areas. Once injected, collagen is formed to strengthen the skin under the eyes, and new healthy cells are formed. This restores a smooth, appealing, and healthy skin below the eyes.

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Steps Followed In PRP Therapy

Preparation/ Pre-Treatment

When our cosmetologist determines that PRP therapy is a suitable treatment for you, certain measures should be taken to ensure a successful procedure. Certain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and blood thinners should be avoided to prevent excessive bleeding during the procedure.

If you’re having PRP treatment on your scalp or face, its recommended that you carry a hat to protect the treated area after undergoing the procedure. Lumiskins hair treatment is successful because of our team of expert professionals working together for the most satisfying & safe results.

During PRP Procedure

During your treatment session, the specialist draws a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm and centrifuges it. This allows the separation and removal of the rest of the blood’s components, leaving you with a platelet-rich plasma solution.

The target area is then injected with a numbing agent, such as lidocaine, to ensure that the process is comfortable and pain-free. After the application of anesthesia, the PRP with botox injection is injected into the target area in multiple places.

The process takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour, and it has minimal to no downtime.

Post PRP Treatment

After the PRP treatment in Vaughan, you should not apply any skincare or hair products on the treated areas for at least 48hrs.

PRP therapy can cause the treated areas to get sore, red, and tender, which subsides after two to three days. In case the pain/discomfort is too much, you can take Paracetamol/ Acetaminophen.

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Benefits Of PRP Therapy

  • It’s an autologous treatment. This means that it’s safe with no chance of an allergic reaction
  • Results from PRP therapy are long-lasting
  • It can be used to treat delicate areas such as under the eyes
  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin (connective tissues) to restore a healthy and resilient skin
  • The treatment restores and maintains natural, youthful looks
  • It’s an affordable treatment option for damaged skin, joints, tendons and muscles
  • PRP therapy has minimal to no downtime


PRP Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

A single PRP session takes about 30 minutes to one hour. The time taken per session differs depending on the size of the area being treated.
The cost of PRP treatment varies depending on the number of sessions required and the area being treated. The best way to find out the exact cost of your PRP treatment is by booking a complimentary appointment to see one of our specialists for a thorough examination.
PRP therapy utilizes a high concentration of platelets in plasma. This is obtained from the patient’s blood through centrifugation, meaning that it’s an autologous solution without any external constituents. This means that the injection is safe without any risk of reacting negatively to the treatment. However, if your blood is not handled in a sterile environment, you may end up contracting an infection. At Lumiskins, we are professionals, and we handle the whole PRP procedure with care to avoid contamination.
Although you may notice results after the first treatment, several PRP injections are required to attain optimal results. The number of procedures required is typically determined by the condition being treated. Book an appointment to learn more about PRP injections and the sessions you’ll require to obtain ideal results.
PRP therapy utilizes blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets obtained from the patient’s blood. This solution is then injected several times on the target areas. PRP is rich in growth/protein factors that stimulate the development of new healthy cells in the treated areas. For example, if the solution is injected in an area with stretchmarks, the skin is triggered to produce collagen and elastin, which restores its elasticity eliminating the stretchmarks.

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Kateryna Topol
Lovely and clean space, came in for skin tag removals, everything went well, my practitioner was very attentive & informative.
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Liana S
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